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My New Ride

You may be wondering how I’ve been getting around Maastricht since I arrived.

The answer? Foot-power! My daily walking averages 10 minutes each way to the Brusselpoort (a shopping center) and frequently 30 minutes each way into the city center for internet or just shopping. More on days when Dan & I have run errands to buy house supplies.

Yesterday that all changed as Dan bought me a new bike. At 18 speeds, rear-wheel locking, but with no chain cover this is a budget city bike (a steal for 150 Euro), but it should be completely sufficient for in-city commuting and occasional bike expeditions into the wilds. I’m very happy to be on two wheels now.

Of course, now I need to learn to care for my bike so it stays functional. If anyone has any suggestions for online bike care manuals or websites, I’d love to see one. A print guide, that I can get in English, would be helpful as well of course.

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