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Sundays are enforced lazy

I’m not sure what the Dutch do with their Sundays, but it definitely isn’t shopping for cookie sheets or buying groceries. They probably don’t even wake up early; something I’ve done nearly every day since arriving in Maastricht. Of course, this morning I had the extra help of Einstein jumping down from the windowsill and onto my stomach. I really wasn’t feeling like going back to bed after that. Why risk another pounce from a 14 pound cat?

So once we got our day going, we went out for a bike ride around the outskirts of the city. It was mostly residential, so I only took a couple pictures (which I forgot to upload). We actually live very close by an old earthen-work. I believe we’re outside the town walls proper at our apartment, so we’d be at the mercy of invading enemies if we lived when those walls were still in use. We biked a short distance along the river Maas as well, which afforded a peek into the back gardens of some rather well-to-do residents. The return trip was uphill. Not steep, but long. My bike handed it fairly well.

Back at home I really wanted to bake something, but my new microwave/oven didn’t come with cookie sheets. Instead, we decided to attempt a treat from my youth. Fry Dough. I won’t go so far to say it was the Navajo style bread my mother made for us when I was a kid (I had no baking powder or yeast). It turned out warm and fresh and greasy, but kind of dense. We ate it all with butter and maple syrup (it was a small batch). Hopefully I can get my mother’s actual recipe and make it better next time.

It occurred to me while frying the dough that we are not using corn-based vegetable oil. Sunflower oil seems to be the common option.

Of course no day would be complete without hunting up internet access so I can bring you a small taste of our exploits.

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