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Episode 3 of Maastricht Minutiae

A view of the central station

A view of the central station

This weekend we talk about our sudden overnight trip to Amsterdam for a one day conference Dan had to attend. I used the opportunity to go see a museum on my own and then on Saturday we checked out more sights and sounds.

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Some of the things we mention on the podcast are:
- Van Gogh Museum: An excellent museum that really leads you though the life of Van Gogh and some related work from his contemporaries. The “And the Colors of the Night” special exhibit is going on until DATE. Link
- The American Book Club bookstore: An independent, English language bookstore with a huge collection of nearly everything you could want. Link
- Canal Tour: Cheap and not really worth the 8 Euros per person.
- Artis Zoo: A quality, in-city zoo with a large bird population. Link
- Verzetsmuseum (Resistance Museum): A small museum about the ways the Dutch people resisted the Nazis during World War II. Link
- Rijkmuseum: A huge art museum that we haven’t visited yet. Link

Photos from our trip to Amsterdam can be seen by Clicking Here.

We were experimenting with recording on this podcast and unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t very good. We’ll try not to do it again.

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