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KunstTour 2009 Maastricht: our wandering path

kunstkopThis weekend the 10th Maastricht KunstTour has filled the streets with tiny flags and mapped out art routes to encourage the exploration of Dutch contemporary visual and media art. The theme this year is Best Before… and the website assures attendees that the ArtTour comes in powdered form and is “before 2018, if kept in dark and dry place.” Of course, its only running May 21 through the 24th, so if you want to check it out you better hurry.

Since the website above didn’t have many details in English, we headed to the VVV hoping to get more information there. On our way, we spied a little “KunstTour” flag outside a U of Maastricht building. Along with big numbers which indicate stop along the pre-created routes, these flags are the tip off that there is an installation. The VOC (Vibrant Offkey Cabinets) installation turned on suddenly when it sensed us entering the room and played rather disturbing music with vacuum air, rubber hose, and plastic pipes. You can see a short video we made here.

At our second stop we picked up a map and meandered our way through a series of other installations and showrooms. We spent about three hours. Some things were fun, others were a little to avant-garde for our tastes. I got lazy with the camera though, so the only other image I have for you is of this dragon ‘car’ created by Project X. It was one of a half dozen strange vehicles like those you’d expect to see at Burning Man.

I personally loved the Printing Museum (free open house today!) which is a tiny museum of various kinds of printing presses; some still working. The docent didn’t speak English, but still gave us an extensive explanation and demonstration of the various machines in Dutch. I was able to follow the gist since I know some about printing already. I’ll definately be going back when I have a better grasp of the language and can understand the details. The machines were beautiful and they had a few books there that were larger than side tables.

As always, I enjoyed seeing what the local artists were up to. People are capable of creating so much and it is really inspirational. I’m looking forward to this event next year. Hopefully we’ll be able to check out more of it then.

One Response to “KunstTour 2009 Maastricht: our wandering path”

  1. Mom says:

    Remember the trip to Museum of Comtempory Art we went to and it had the biggggg tubes with air going through and made music. It was all white and huge filled the entire warehouse. Your film clip reminded me of that.

    Glad you got out to see so many things.

    Love you,