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How to Get to Ikea from Maastricht by Train/Bus

These days most people know about Ikea and its cute, flat-packed furniture priced for the budget hound in all of us. Expats in Maastricht may be disappointed that there isn’t an Ikea in the city. Fortunately, there is one in nearby Heerlen surrounded by a variety of other big box house and furniture stores. Ikea delivers and, with a little patience, you can get there via public transportation.

Getting There:
The Heerleen Ikea is located at In de Cramer 142, 6412 Heerlen, Heerlen (Limburg), Netherlands and if you were driving it would take you about 25 minutes to get there. By train, you’re looking at about an hour plus a short bus ride.

1) Head down to the Maastricht Central Station and buy a round trip ticket for Heerlen Station. You should also make sure you have a bus strippenkaart to make the next leg of the journey easier. A round-trip train ticket should run you 8.10 euro.
2) Jump off the train at the Heerlen Station stop and grab Bus 42. This bus only runs every half hour (every hour on Saturday), so you’ll want to try and time it. It will be 2 strippen per trip (so 4 round-trip).
3) Get off at the IKEA, Heerlen stop (ask the bus driver if you aren’t sure) and get shopping!
or alternatively 4) You can walk or bike from the Heerlen train station to Ikea. It will take you about 30 minutes and follows the bus path (bring a map to be on the safe side). The train is a local one and will allow you to bring your bike onboard during off-peak hours.

Ikea Delivery:
The Heerlen location will deliver, but not for free. Up to 50 kg will run you 29 euros, 50-100 kg is 39 euros, 100-300 kg is 59 euros, and 300-500 kg is 79 euros. If you live above the ground floor, you can expect to pay between 10 and 40 euros extra for the stairs. The cost does go up quickly, so it pays to do a little research before you take the train out there. If you need to outfit a lot of rooms it may be cost effective to rent a truck or van for the day.

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