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Handy Cooking Conversion Websites

I love baking and brought American measuring cups & spoons along with a couple of cookbooks when we moved to Maastricht. Even so, I frequently need to make conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius and from cups to grams. The follow sites are indispensable to me when baking. Temperature Converter: This simple site converts both ways between Fahrenheit and Celsius and allows you to chose whether to round the number or not.

Gourmet Sleuth Gram Converter: Grams are trickier. Most Dutch recipes and packaging use grams to indicate the amounts you need, but the number of grams is determined by weight rather than volume (like cups). This Gourmet Sleuth tool is useful because it provides the estimated grams per cup of several common foods. I rarely use the actual tool, but I’m always referencing the chart below and using my kitchen scale.

The kitchen scale is a new tool in my kitchen, but it is great to have. If you are looking for one in Maastricht, Media Markt has a nice selection of scales at a variety of price points.

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