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Wase Stripzomer: Comics Events All Summer in Belgium

AfficheMartinIf you will be in Europe and are a comics enthusiast this summer, you should take a trip to the Waasland region of Belgium where they are holding comics related events for all ages. Sponsored by the Waasland Tourism Board (English), The Wase Stripzomer runs from April 1st to September 30th, 2009 to celebrate comic strips and stories in Beligum. According to their website (Dutch only), the events will mostly be child-friendly and include workshops, exhibits, bike tours, film screenings, and more. Here are a few of the events listed in the brochure I picked up (translations guesstimated from Google Translate, email me if you can correct my translations):

- Comics Bike Tours/Quests (Stripfietszoektocht): Lochristi, April 26 – Sept. 13
- Children’s Treasure Hunt (Kinderspeurtocht) ‘In het spoor van Jommeke‘: Sint-Niklaas, May 15 – Sept. 13
- Family Urban Bike Tour & Treasure Hunt (Gezinsfietszoektocht langs de Urbanusfietsroute): Lokeren, May 17 – Sept. 13
- Jommeke Bike Tour/Quest (Jommeke fietszoektocht): Waasmunster, May 30 – Sept. 13
- Bike & Walking Tour/Quest of De Rode Ridder (Fiets- en wandelzoektocht De Rode Ridder): Sint-Gillis-Waas, June 21 – Sept 21
- Film: “Suske en Wiske en de Texasrakkers (fansite in Dutch): Siniscoop Sint-Niklaas, July 12
- Film: “Asterix & the Olympic Games” (Asterix en de Olympische Spelen“): Siniscoop Sint-Niklaas, August 9 (I’ve got a soft spot for the Asterix series, but can’t believe this is live action.)
- Expo with Paul Geerts, ’2nd father of Suske & Wiske’ (Expo Paul Geerts, de 2de vader van Suske en Wiske): Temse, August 29 – Sept. 27
- De Zaat Raast met Michel Vaillant (could not translate): Temse, August 30

Belgium is supposedly not quite as accessible language-wise to people who only speak English (they speak Dutch & French depending on the area), but that has never stopped us before. Dan & I will take the time one of these weekends to check out these events.

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