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Episode 8 of Maastricht Minutiae: The Swedish Episode

Not very Swedish I know...

Not very Swedish I know...

Its been a few weeks, but we’re finally back from our visitors & traveling with a new episode of Maastricht Minutiae for you. Dan’s feeling a bit under the weather, so we hope you’ll forgive the coughing that made it onto the ‘tape’.

This is the Swedish episode because it revolved around our visit to Sweden for Midsummer & a visit from two dear friends with a special place in their hearts for Sweden.

This weeks topics include:
- Keith & Alyssa’s Visit to Maastricht (& a word on EURail tickets)
- Cologne, Germany
- the Grotten Noord here in Maastricht.
- Our trip to Sweden
- Stockholm Impressions
- Midsummer Celebrations
- The Vasa Museum
- The Stockholm Archipelago
- The Historical Museum
- and a short mention of a blogger/journal Focus Group I attended

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One Response to “Episode 8 of Maastricht Minutiae: The Swedish Episode”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I managed to listen to the Swedish episode. The thing is, it doesn’t seem to want to download from iTunes so I could listen to it at work or commuting and so I had to listen in and out with a whiney Boston Terrier giving me big brown puppy eyes providing most of the distraction. I’ll have to re-listen when I get a chance and I can get it on my iPhone.

    Although it was good for a good laughs hearing “Stagen, Skagen, Skoogen?” So maybe its good I was at home so I didn’t alarm any fellow commuters.