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Renaming My Blog

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I’ve been thinking of giving my expat blog its own space and name. I’ve been blogging here fairly exclusively about expat life and my travels, but the name of this blog “Single Stitch Studio” really doesn’t reflect that content at all. It would make more sense to change the name now for traffic and so I’m representing content accurately.

So I need your help. Below is a poll with a few suggested blog titles. Please vote and then comment on this post with your thoughts or suggestions. I have my own thoughts on all of these of course, but I don’t want to share those until you have the chance to vote.

What will happen with Single Stitch Studio? For now of course I will still be doing all my expat blogging here until I get the new space set up. Single Stitch Studio will be reorganized as an online portfolio for my professional and creative self.

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