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Places Around Maastricht: La Chine Restaurant

Type of Place: Restaurant
Location: Markt Square

The self-proclaimed first Chinese restaurant in Maastricht, La Chine is located along the packed left hand side of Markt square. The through menu is available for both lunch and dinner (or take-away) and during the summer, you can sit outside just like most restaurants in Maastricht. Their specialties include Kung Pao Chicken, Woei Wed Yuk (pork tenderloin with mild spicy Szechuan sauce), and Peking duck. For something extra special, they also have six multiple-course menus for 2.

Dan & I ate at La Chine after we failed to find a sushi restaurant for our anniversary last Friday. Since we wanted something different from the usual Dutch restaurant, it turned out to be a good decision. We ordered one of the 2 person menus, a good value for the money, and enjoyed the multiple course meal while sitting on the terrace overlooking the square. First with had shrimp dim sum and soup, followed by several dishes laid out on a metal food-warmer so we could share the dishes. The beef dish was particularly savory. Dessert was ice cream with fruit and a cup of coffee & tea. The meal was relaxed and a lot of fun, although the Markt square isn’t as interesting a view as the Vrijhof. I recommend La Chine as a nice place to go for a leisurely sit-down dinner.

One Response to “Places Around Maastricht: La Chine Restaurant”

  1. Aiwee says:

    Hm… been to this one last year when I was here on a holiday, maybe I am too fuss with Chinese food but would never go back. The dimsum (siew mai) is the express frozen one they sell in the Oriental (I think).

    However, I think to find a good Chinese restaurant is impossible here in Maastricht.