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First Impressions on Clothing Shopping

pic (c) Rich B-S via Flickr

pic (c) Rich B-S via Flickr

This week I went clothing shopping for myself for the first time since moving to Maastricht. I’m not a big shopper, so its the sort of activity I’ve been putting off for a while now (and I can’t shop with Dan around). Still, the stores are between seasons right now which means that the summer clothing are on sell and the fall clothing lines available.

The big shopping street in Maastricht is Grote St. This busy walking street is packed with a variety of clothing and shoe stores and the shoppers visiting them. (We also buy chocolate-filled waffles there but that’s a story for another day). Between these shops and the ones surrounding Markt square, you could probably spend a full day or two shopping in Maastricht without needing to walk too far. There are a couple of largish stores, department stores, but I spent my time in the smaller boutique shops.

The Clothes
One of the reasons I went shopping this week is all the phenomenal deals on the summer clothing lines. While a good quality item of clothing can run you 40 euros or more, lots of summer clothing right now is on sale for as little as 3 – 10 euros. A good deal if, like me, you don’t tend to buy trendy clothing.

I can’t say I really liked flowing tunics with cinched hems and leggings that seem to be dominating the current style. Add some legwarmers and we might as well be back in the 1980s. That isn’t to say that this style doesn’t look good on the right woman, but I don’t have the tall, lean lines of your average Dutch woman. I’ll be on the look out for more structured items that might touch on some of the flowing lines, but without the leggings.

Since I didn’t know my sizes in European-terms (and foolishly failed to look up conversions online), most of this trip was focused on determining what would fit. Shirt sizes appear to go up in increments of 2 (i.e. 38, 40, 42) and bras use the same letters for cups and go up and down by 5′s. The system here appears to be more fine-tuned then back in the US, but only time will tell.

While I didn’t try on any pants, I did notice that a lot of the shirts are cut longer than I’m use to seeing. I suppose its because the Dutch are on average taller than Americans (at least us New Englanders). I’ll have to keep a look out for petite sizes.

Hopefully I’ll make the time to do some more shopping in the near future so I can pick up some nice looking outfits. Maybe this weekend. Hmm…

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