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Episode 10 of Maastricht Minutiae

Episode 10 of Maastricht Minutiae is available for download at TalkShoe! Its been so long that we weren’t able to cover everything and will try to wrap it all up when episode 11 is recorded. Cheers!

Topics covered in this episode:
- Celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.
- Dentistry
- Brussels & Belgian Comics
- The Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art
- Brussels Comics Murals 2009

One Response to “Episode 10 of Maastricht Minutiae”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Hi guys! Sooo, I just managed, this morning to listen to Episode 10 while commuting. Its been busy here. Funny that you guys didn’t see the Pissing Boy! Its a really cute story why the fountain has come to represent Brussels! I have pics of it from 10 years ago. Supposedly one day, in Brussels, a little boy was found to be missing. An alarm went up over the city, and all of the Brussels folk went looking for the missing boy. Legend has it, that when the boy was finally found, he was found in a corner, near a wall, relieving himself. So the statue was constructed to celebrate the Brussels townsfolk coming together to aid one another when their fellow citizens needed help. Cute story huh? I like Le Grand Place too–wasn’t a big fan of the rest of Brussels though.