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A Visit from the Potters

My parents visited back in August so it is only fair that Dan’s parents, Sue & Gary, came to the Netherlands for a two week vacation of their own. Last week they arrived in Amsterdam and then took the train down here to Maastricht to join us for Preuvenemint and the (now regular) visit to a marl cave. We visited Zonneburg, the one we’ve been to three times now, and the tour was good as always. We did have the same tour guide so we learned that the tours don’t really change from visit to visit. Even the delivery of his jokes were the same.

After a short introduction to Maastricht, we rented a car and spent a couple of days in Germany biking, driving, and cruising on the Rhine River. Next we went back up to Amsterdam for a few days to see some museums and generally do the tourist thing. We rounded out our travel with a trip to Delft where we caught a weekend street fair and visited the Royal Delft factory.

Sue & Gary have another week to go in Europe which they are splitting between the Netherlands and Belgium. I hope they enjoy themselves.

Unlike in the past, I’m planning on talking about this trip in several articles over the next couple of weeks. Of course we’ll also have the podcast this weekend so stay tuned.

One Response to “A Visit from the Potters”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Keith and I liked the Royal Delft factory, although it had the feeling of a tourist trap. Like, “Here’s how we make it, here’s the mark that tells you its good, now buy, buy, buy!”