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"I Am Not a Tourist" Expat Fair

I remember reading about Expatica’s I Am Not a Tourist Fair over a year ago while we were still making plans and being enchanted by the idea of there being a fair for people just like me. This was before I realized just how different things can be in that three hour distance between our home in Maastricht and the big city world of Amsterdam. Still, with this year’s fair on the horizon, I am seriously considering attending.

What is Being Offered
The Expat Fair appears to be mainly centered around introducing expats to the various vendors and nonprofit resources that exist to help ease our way into the country and culture of the Netherlands. There are several organizations whose websites I’ve used in the past for assistance and many, many more that I’ve never heard of. Certainly there seems to be a great deal of knowledge being brought together in a single place.

The website also implies that there will be classes & “entertainment sessions” offered as well. What those classes are, however, they do not say.

What I Expect
In all honesty, I’m a little jaded about how much groups located in Amsterdam can do for me, but it seems like a good opportunity to at least talk to some tax professionals without having to pay for introductory time. Classes might be interesting, I could use one on home bike repair, but most will probably be region specific.

I do hope that attending will give me the chance to meet a few new people; maybe even people who living in Limburg like me. Of course I won’t pass up the chance to promote our podcast a bit. Time to look up business card printers.

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