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Stroopwafels: Breakfast is now an Awesome Cookie

Ah, Stroopwafels. The Dutch snack that until now I’ve always had to beg Dan to buy because he thought the store bought ones were stale and bland. Well look at him tucking into that huge, warm, fresh stroopwafel now. Yum.

A stroopwafel is two thin waffle-like cookies with a thin layer of syrup or honey between them. According to wikipedia they oriented in Gouda during the 18th century. They come in all sizes, but are usually round. In the stores you can get them in packages under all sorts of brand names. I recommend getting the honey ones for a sweeter experience.

If you have the chance to eat a fresh stoopwafel, go for it. Like most things, fresh and warm is a recipe for a really wonderful treat. I’ve never seen a booth in Maastricht, but have seen them in Delft and Arnhem in the North.

And here’s a video I found at random in the internet wilds (FYI: he swears once). It wouldn’t work with the monster stroopwafels we ate in Delft, but this could definitely improve the quality of your store bought experience.


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