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Creativity & Innovation Conference: Oct 15th

This conference has been popping in and out of my awareness for a while, but I finally sat down to look at their website & see if it is something I want to attend.  The Creativity & Innovation Conference is coming together to encourage people to focus on their creativity and think about how to reach further outside the box through focusing on five themes. It is free and, to my surprise, in English so I’ve decided to attend and check out what its all about.

The 5 themes are:

  1. Borderless creativity
  2. Co-creation and open innovation
  3. Inventive learning
  4. Places and spaces of creativity
  5. Local creativity

Based on the area descriptions and speakers, the conference is focusing on big areas of innovation such as architecture, city planning, business, and education.  Honestly, it seems a little strange to try and grasp something as amophous as creativity and push it into a conference format.  Maybe that is one of the reasons they’ve had trouble getting attendees.  However, sometimes you have to try to pin things down a little if you want to have meaningful conversations. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it will be intriguing.

Want to learn more? Here’s the Website.

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