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Places Around Maastricht: Henriette's Launderette Wassalon

The front of the wassalon.

The front of the wassalon.

Type of Place: Laundrymat/Wassalon
Location: Sint Pieterstraat 70, 6211 JP Maastricht
Henriette’s may only be a laundry-mat, but as the only one that I’ve found in Maastricht so far, it deserves a mention. Most people it seems do their laundry in house and students probably have access to shared units in their dorms. Me, I have a little combined washer/dryer unit, but its been on the fritz lately and I was driven to seek out a paid option. After much Googling and a visit to a couple of rental agencies in my area, Henriette’s was my only option. Its a good 20 minutes walk away from my apartment, but I suppose it could be worse.
Henriette’s is a small shop with about four washers plus a double sized washer and four or five dryers. The woman working there (Henriette herself perhaps?) was very helpful. For your 5 euros, you also get detergent to wash the clothes in. In fact you cannot use your own detergent. The shop is clean, but there were not many people in and out of there. I was the only one doing my own wash I think. All of the machines were going, so I believe most people who use the launderette are just dropping off their clothing. There was also a cute dog in the shop, but it stayed well out of the way.
Henriette’s Launderette charges about 5 euros per wash (4-6 kilos) and 1 euro for 20 minutes of drying. The wash/dry/fold option is 12,50 per load. The dryers are very fast and I found that 20 minutes was enough for most of my clothes. The shop is only open on weekdays from noon until 6 pm. There is also a dry cleaning service, but you can find dry cleaners all over the city.

2 Responses to “Places Around Maastricht: Henriette's Launderette Wassalon”

  1. Jon Short says:

    Thanks for pointing this place out! It’s hard to find laundromat services here. I just have one comment. You say that there are dry cleaners all over the city, but I have yet to find one (other than Henriette’s). Where are the others?

  2. Amanda says:

    I honestly can’t remember for sure…I just seem to remember seeing a few. I think there is a new(?) laundromat near the Markt Square. They might do dry cleaning.


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