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Places Around Maastricht: Fietspecialist "Aon De Stasie"

Type of Place: Bike Rental
Location: Maastricht Train Station
There are a number of places in Maastricht to rent a bike, but the one we’ve used the most is the Fietspecialist “Aon De Stasie”. The number one reason? Location. This rental shop is located just to the right the train station. It is also reasonably priced, which is important when you need bikes for a day or two for visitors.

Aon De Stasie rents a variety of bikes, from no-gear city bikes to electric-assisted options. I recommend you get at least a 3-gear rental. Unlike a lot of Holland, Limburg is pretty hilly and you’ll kill yourself if you try and bike all over the place without gears. Rentals for a 3-gear bike start at 7,50 per day with a 50 euro cash deposit. As with most rental places, the bikes can sometimes be hit and miss so I recommend testing your ride thoroughly before heading anywhere remote. Most of our rentals have been fine, but my father-in-law’s handlebars came loose the last time we rented bikes and he took a tumble because of it.

Aon De Stasie also offers bike repair, sells equipment, and offers protected bike stalls for when you need to leave your bike someplace safe for a while. They are open Monday to Friday from 5:15 AM to 1:15 AM. Saturday they open at 6 AM and Sunday they open at 7:15 AM. They only accept cash.

Bike Rentals are:

    - City Bike (no gears): 7,50/day with 50 euro deposit
    - 3-Gear Bikes (not listed on their price sheet): 7,50/day with 50 euro deposit
    - Luxury/Hybrid Bike (24 gears): 10/day with 100 euro deposit. (No idea what makes them Lux)
    - Electric Bikes: 35/day with 200 euro deposit

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