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Worst Wrist Ever

I’ve been back to see my huisart and she kindly told me in no uncertain terms to stop using my wrist until my thumb has a chance to heal. I was hoping to be better by today but it feels like I’ve relapsed a bit so its going to be a reading rather than a writing day. To keep you entertained, here are a few links relevant to events this week.

PechaCucha Videos: Tuesday’s Pecha Cucha event was fun, interesting and weird. The videos are up now and there’s a place to discuss them on the My.Mtricht site here.

Jazz Maastricht Promenade: Through this weekend (starting yesterday) there is a large jazz event going on all over Maastricht. Check out the website for more details. Many of the events are being held in individual cafes and bars. The website does have an English version.

“I Am Not A Tourist” Fair: This Sunday is the “I Am Not a Tourist” Fair in Amsterdam. We’ll be there with bells on (ok, not literally). We hope to meet you there too. Don’t forget to download and print your free ticket so you can get in.

4 Responses to “Worst Wrist Ever”

  1. M'tricht says:

    I wish you speedy recovery


  2. Alyssa says:

    Take care of yourself! You don’t want your hand falling off!

  3. Renée says:

    sorry to hear about your wrist :(

    I’ll be there tomorrow too – going with one of my colleagues and my friend Melissa. Hopefully we’ll actually run into each other!