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Places Around Maastricht: Maastricht Train Station

Maastricht train stationThe Maastricht train station is such an important landmark that I probably should have written about it first. Unless you come by car, the train station will probably be your first and last impression of Maastricht. Fortunately, it cuts quite the memorable figure from its centuries-old stone construction to its brilliant stain glass windows. In addition to the station itself, there is also a bus station, mini-Albert Heijns, café, bookstore, and information desks for both the trains and buses.

Of course a train station is really only as good as the service it provides and, like most places in the Netherlands, the Maastricht station is more than adequate. We can typically show up 10 minutes before our train arrives, pick up tickets, and be settled into our seats with a bit of time to spare. There are only 8 tracks and they are all handicap accessible, so it is unlikely that you’ll miss a quick switch over. Outside is the main bus station with easy to read signs and both free (open) and paid (protected at Fietspecialist “Aon De Stasie”) bike parks.

local train at Maastricht station

Local train entering the station.

Don’t expect the trains’ overhead speakers to make announcements in English unless you are on an international train. Fortunately, most staff speaks English and will help you identify your train. You also will need to be very proactive if you have questions for the help desk. The staff won’t try to guess what you need; they’ll just give you the basic answer. Bathrooms cost 50 cents and the café (which makes decent coffee) opens at 7:30 AM.

Need to work out a train and/or bus trip in the Netherlands? You can use website. I recommend pre-plotting out your route because the ticket machines won’t tell you what switches you need to make.

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