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Places around Maastricht: Amazing Oriental Aziatische Supermarkt

Amazing Oriental

Watch for this banner to find it.

Type of Place: Asian Grocery Store
Location: Mosae Forum, underground
Brand-new in October, Amazing Oriental, is a moderately sized (for the Dutch) Asian grocery store located near the Markt square in the underground level of the Mosae Forum. The new shop is clean and bright with a “fast food” stand at the entrance for lunch on the go. They have a nice selection of prepackaged, frozen, and fresh foods, and the vegetables tend to be ones you won’t see in your regular Albert Heijns. Many of the products appear to be Indonesian in origin, but there is also a variety of food from any other Asian country you can think of. Of course you can get a great deal of rice in bulk and Amazing Oriental carries some beer and wine as well.
In addition to the food and drink aspects of the store, an aisle of cookware and dishes will ensure that you have all the right tools to prepare a small feast. The prices are reasonable and probably comparable to what you might find in the regular grocery stores.
vegetarian fish

The oddest item I found at the shop: a "vegetarian" fish

Being a fan of Asian cuisine and a cook that likes to try new things occasionally, I was pretty excited about Amazing Oriental opening up here in Maastricht. I was spoiled in Boston by having a large Asian grocery store just a 15 minute walk from home. It was a great store, but fishy smelling. Amazing Oriental does not have a fish or meat counter, so it ought to stay a pretty pleasant shopping experience. In fact the strangest item I found in the store is only shaped like a fish. Once you have picked up everything you can there, you can swing by Jumbo next door and wrap up the rest of your grocery shopping. I look forward to shopping more at Amazing Oriental and maybe even making my super miso soup in the near future.
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7 Responses to “Places around Maastricht: Amazing Oriental Aziatische Supermarkt”

  1. So excited to see this post..we just returned from our visit and fact finding mission of Maastricht and surroundings and this store was one of my fav finds…maybe I’ll run into you there after we move ;-)

  2. locusta says:

    Hi Melissa, We’ll be here for three years so when you do move in, feel free to look me up. :) I hope your fact-finding mission was a success.

  3. Renée says:

    awesome :) we have an Asian Superstore here in Arnhem and it’s truly one of our favorite places to shop. My husband has been really into cooking Indian food since his last trip to India and all the ingredients and more can be found there, for a fraction of the price at AH.

    I think we’ll be down your way in a couple of weeks – to prepare for Christmas! I love Maastricht around the holidays!

  4. Dhar says:

    Hi Renée,

    We are planning to move from the UK to Arnhem in May. Can you let me know the name and location of the Asian superstore you refer to in your post.

  5. Dhar says:

    Corrected email.

  6. Aman says:

    Hi Dhar,

    I have recently moved to Arnhem. Did you know Indian Grocery store in Arnhem. Thanks in Advance !

  7. Aman says:

    Renee, Can you please let me know Indian Grocery store in Arnhem. Thanks !