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Orthopedic Surgeon Referral Update

image (cc) takomabibelot via Flickr.

image (cc) takomabibelot via Flickr.

I’m going to keep this one short since I’m sure you all are getting sick of hearing about my personal medical problems, but I think it’s worth it to chronicle the process and what can be expected from the medical profession here. My referral came pretty quickly in the mail, about a week, and the appointment was set for a week or so after that (today). Maybe it is different in larger cities but here in Maastricht the process seems to move pretty quickly. Basically I received a letter stating the date and location of my appointment and asking it take the letter along with me.
A friend in Arnhem says that she doesn’t like how the office you are referred to gets to mail you the appointment. If you can’t make their schedule then you have to give them a call. It doesn’t bother me. Since I don’t have a day job or at least not one with set hours, I do have more flexibility to meet the best times for other people. I also don’t mind having the appointment set for me because I tend to be slow to call and set my own appointments.
At my orthopedic surgeon appointment, the office had most of my insurance and address information although I did have to explain this situation to the doctor and he didn’t know my primary care physician. It was both a quick and informative meeting in which I got the treatment I needed and another appointment set up for the next day (for a light cast). In addition I was given an appointment card which I believe I am to use throughout this treatment to ensure that everyone, or at least I, can keep track of this referral process.
From a writing perspective, I am progressing with treating my wrist problem and hope it will get better soon. I will be in a cast to immobilize my wrist and thumb for a few weeks. I hope it won’t interfere with my blogging, but that remains to be seen. I think I’ve done everything I can to help me keep on top of my various projects. Fingers are crossed. Just not on my right hand.
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2 Responses to “Orthopedic Surgeon Referral Update”

  1. Mom M. says:

    I’ll be interested in hearing how the casting helps. At the beginning of the process, Dad said you needed a cast to keep you from using your wrist. Good luck.

    Also how do you plan on keeping up with your blogging?

  2. locusta says:

    I look forward to seeing how the cast helps also. I will continue blogging using my dictation software and a lot of slow, manual editing with my left hand mouse.