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Places Around Maastricht: John Mullins Irish Pub

guiness draught photo (cc) Leonid Mamchenkov via Flickr

guiness draught photo (cc) Leonid Mamchenkov via Flickr

Type of Place: Restaurant & Pub
Location: Brugstraat 50, 6221 ED Maaastricht

Located conveniently just across the St. Servatius bridge, John Mullins Irish Pub is a large restaurant and bar serving traditional Irish fare and nearly any kind of Irish drink you desire. When you walk in the front door, you will notice that the pub is done up in a classic style with dark wood, a very long bar, and maybe a few too many Guinness posters. The lighting is kept low and the ambiance has a certain charm quite distinct from the charm of a Dutch brown cafe. Beyond the initial pub seating area, which includes a bright but crowded window section, you can find two more sitting areas towards the back that helps the pub accommodates their evening customers. The food service covers the gamut from an Irish breakfasts to high tea to a nice sounding weekly special for two.

John Mullins appears to cater to a young professional clientele and a fairly international one, at least from what I’ve seen. If you visit during a football, rugby, or hurling match you can be sure to find John Mullins packed with locals and foreigners there to catch the game on one of several large televisions. They have other events as well. Once a week, usually on Saturdays, a live band comes in to play. The music tends towards pop and alternative, but other bands come in as well. Every Wednesday Tuesday, a quiz night is held in both Dutch and English. There is no cover charge, and the quiz only costs 2,50 euros to play.

Dan and I have have only eaten one meal there (a moist and tasty fish & chips), but we’ve visited enough time to try their appetizers and drink their beer. From my limited experience in Ireland, the pub feels very authentic and I find the ambiance to be extremely comfortable. They had a unique cheese platter, which was very tasty, and they serve Korenwolf white beer. It’s not Wieckse Witte (my favorite) but it is close enough. The only real strike against John Mullins is that they don’t serve bitterballen and (I’m told bitterballen are part of the ‘partysnacks’ appetizer) the service can be slow during the off hours. That may be different during peak times when they have more staff, but we usually go there at off times to work on our writing.

In fact, one of the things Dan and I like the best is that John Mullins doesn’t mind if we come in to have a few drinks and write or read. They even have boardgames in the window area. I like to work on my blog away from the Internet so it is always nice to find a place that is willing to accommodate us. Throw in the weekly special for two: the chefs special of the week, soup, and dessert, plus half a liter of wine for only 35 euros and John Mullins becomes quite a deal.

Update: Thank you Max for your corrections. I’ve updated them above.

Update: Read about more oranje adventures at John Mullins.

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One Response to “Places Around Maastricht: John Mullins Irish Pub”

  1. Max Massen says:

    Hello Locusta,
    thanks for your review.
    but a couple of comments.
    The Quiznight is on Tuesday evenings, The white bear you most prefer i called Wieckse Witte.
    And sorry we do serve bitterballen ( they are called partysnacks ) and on the small menu on the tables.

    Greetings Max