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Social Networking in Maastricht with

foot bridge maastricht

Foot bridge in Maastricht

You may have noticed some time in the last couple of months that I have a large green button on the right hand side of my blog leading to a mysterious place called Well I’ve been remiss in explaining it to you for long enough.

As a quick disclosure, I help maintain the Events page on is a ning-based social networking site designed to bring together locals, expats, and anyone else who lives, works, or simply likes to know more about Maastricht. Just like other social network sites, you can sign up, make friends, chat on the forums, upload your own media, and even maintain a blog. The website is maintained primarily in English and users are encouraged to post in English to make the website as accessible as possible. If you are looking for an activity in or near Maastricht, the events page attempts to include a comprehensive list and also list of the events in English; one of the weaknesses of most other events websites for this area.

In addition to, you can find more factually based information about Maastricht at the sister site: This part of this website is dedicated to teaching you about Maastricht, its region, and its history. You can read here about some of the landmarks of Maastricht or check out the city’s stats. Weekly, the founder of the website sends out a newsletter about Maastricht and/or about activities on the website.

How You Can Help and are still young websites and they need your help to make them a truly wonderful resource. I encourage you to sign up on the website and proactively start posting about things that interest you, you have questions about, or just tell us about yourself. The community that is starting to grow there is friendly.

You can also contribute to the website by uploading events that you or someone else has organized. These events don’t have to be in English, but we do ask you to post about them in English so that people can decide whether or not to attend. I know there are many Dutch-language activities that can be accessible even if you do not speak the language or have only a rudimentary grasp on it.

Finally, is looking to increase the information it provides. Please contact the website founder if you would like to write an article or otherwise contribute to the mass of information found here.

I look forward to “meeting” you at Feels free to friend me by clicking here to sign up or clicking the big green button on the right hand side.

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