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Happy Birthday Expat Women!

Today is the 3rd birthday of Expat Women online. Happy Birthday!
Expat Women - Helping Women Living Overseas

I’ve mentioned Expat Women on this website a couple of times, so with its special day coming up it seemed like the right time to drop them a plug (Ok, so they are offering a contest to bloggers too but I do actually like their resources).

I found Expat Women before Dan & I moved to Maastricht and loved browsing through the tools, confessionals, and informational posts that cover a gambit of issues. Frequently women-focused resources are dominated by child-rearing concerns; an important topic to be sure, but not one that I currently care about. Expat Women offers an great balance for women at all sorts of stages and ambitions including sections for: students, travelers, volunteers, partners, mothers, professionals, and free spirits. Read the interviews or stories for tales that range from the confessional to the inspirational.

Men (don’t get put off by the pink design) can glean a lot of wonderful information from this website as well. Most expat issues go beyond gender and the site boasts articles in their reference section on most aspects of expat life regardless of your current location and your next destination.

Expat Women updates at least once a month with several fresh articles and you can get a newsletter or feed from the site. Here’s to another great year!

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