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Shopping for Dryers in Maastricht

washing drying combomachine

The wash closet of doom

I’m finally fed up with my washer/dryer machine, so this weekend we decided to do something about it. It washes ok, but the drying function routinely takes 5-6 hours. Maybe that’s more normal than I think but it means I can only wash a single load per day. My number one advice on dryers, don’t ever buy a combo-machine.
Buying appliances in the Netherlands can be a little bit challenging, due to language and unfamiliar brands, but it can be done and since there is only one wassalon (laundrymat) in the city, its necessary.
Here in Maastricht, we shopped for a new dryer at MediaMarkt; the biggest store for this sort of thing in the area. They had several units to chose from and after some creative translation we wrote down the names of a few likely candidates in our price range. We try to seek out brand names we’ve heard of and trust since we lack experience with local off-brand equipment. That was actually one of our mistakes with the combo machine. We’d never heard of Candy, but it seemed like a good deal at the time.
Our available space had to be considered as well. Since our washing machine closet is set up along an inside wall and isn’t very big, we had to locate a condenser dryer rather than a traditional vented one. Because of a lip, we wanted a machine with the water reservoir on the top so we could change it regularly.
A third consideration for appliances is their energy rating. All major appliances (and several other items) in the Netherlands are rated from A-F for their energy efficiency. Naturally the more efficient machines are more expensive upfront, but will cost less in electric bills. A-rated machines at MediaMarkt were well out of our range with prices started around 900 euros.
After physically hunting down some likely candidates, we went home and dug online for reviews. I was hoping to avoid another machine that would force me to call a mechanic early in its lifetime. And of course I want to decrease my drying time by at least half. Again, Google Translate and my little bit of Dutch was helpful in this regard. Try searching by the full name of the specific dryer you want and the word “review”.
Today, I’m heading back to MediaMarkt to purchase a Seimens condenser dryer. It only has a C rating (which is disappointing but all we can afford) but the reviews online were good. Given that MediaMarkt permits returns for 30-days, I will be much more likely to return this machine if it doesn’t perform the way I want it too.
Why not shop online? I probably could order a machine online but I like to see things before I buy them. Also, the few prices I found while searching out reviews were equivalent to (or sometimes more than) the prices in store.
Used? There aren’t really any good English language resources for used appliances in Maastricht, but if you’re able and willing to work in Dutch, you can try Kringloopwinkel Zuid (here in Maastricht) might also have something, but as always, when you buy used you’re taking a greater risk.
Do you have any tips for finding appliances in Maastricht? Share them in the Comments.

2 Responses to “Shopping for Dryers in Maastricht”

  1. I bought a new washing machine in 2007 (in England) but took along a Dutch friend on my search for a new machine. She thought I should have done more research, but she knew a lot about a good machine to fit into a small space.
    I got a Bosch and am very pleased. Already had a condenser drier, mine is Creda.

  2. locusta says:

    There is a Bosch I was looking at but everything I read said that it got a little too hot and smelled funny. I haven’t seen Creda, but I probably haven’t done as much research as I should. Thank you for your suggestions!