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Places Around Maastricht: Kattenhotel "de Gelaarsde Kat"

Type of Place: Boarding House for Cats
Location: De Beente 28; 6229 AV Maastricht

One of the biggest problems with traveling on vacation is finding a home for our two cats. Especially over the holidays when we don’t want to impose on others. For the period over Christmas and News Years this year, I took advantage of advice received at and booked a room for our pets at Kattenhotel “de Gelaarsde Kat” (Puss in Boots).
“De Gelaarsde Kat” is a cat-only boarding house near the University Hospital. It is associated with a veterinarian office, Dierenstkliniek Kusters, so we knew that they could care properly for our pets and provide any medical services they needed. The kattenhotel asked that we have vaccinations up to date and that both cats had been pretreated for fleas. While they do provide food, our cats are on a special diet and so we brought their specific food with us.
Inside the boarding house is a nice set up. Each cat (or pair of cats if owned by the same person) had its own moderately sized cage, litterbox, and feeding area. During the day, the doors to the cages were propped open to allow all the cats to get some exercise and interact. There is even a fenced-in outdoors area on a porch. Our cats have never been outside or with other cats, so it much have been quite the experience for them.

cats on my suitcase

"You're going where? We don't think so!"

In the end I was pleased with their service. Both cats were happy to see us when we went to pick them up and if anything looked like they’d dropped a little weight (a good thing). Agatha was perfectly healthy and had gotten over the stress of the location. Einstein came back with a bit of a cold which has since past. He also had a tiny scratch on his nose. I don’t know who put it there, but since he is twice the size of all the other animals at the boarding house, I can’t imagine he came out worse in that tussle. We will take our cats back there again on the next holiday.
The Kattenhotel “de Gelaarsde Kat” is open 6 days a week and boards cats year around. They serve Royal Carin food, both dry and a little wet. The prices start at 8 euros per night per cat, with discounts for more cats and longer stays. Please visit the website for more details or call. The staff does speak English (and Dutch of course).

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