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Quick Gasps of Art

I was going to blog about the coming of Carnival here in Maastricht, but since we’re planning on shopping for costumes this weekend, I thought I’d save that adventure for Monday. Instead I wanted to share a few pictures I’ve snapped over the past few months of art and statues in the Netherlands. I love how these sometimes small, sometimes grand gasps of art are sprinkled all over the place. Hope you enjoy.

cat graffiti in Maastricht

Cat graffiti in Maastricht. Maastricht actually has tons of interesting graffitti.

nude woman statue in Valkensburg

Woman Statue in Valkensburg. On a private bridge over a canal.

otter statue in den haag

Seal and sea otter statues on a bridge in Den Haag.

4 Responses to “Quick Gasps of Art”

  1. Alison says:

    I love the cat graffiti!

    One of the things I enjoy so much living here in Utrecht is the variety of sculptures you invariable stumble across throughout town.

  2. locusta says:

    The cat graffiti is definately one of my favorite “surprise art” in Maastricht. One of these days I need to write a guide or something to all the weird bits of sculpture around here. Thank you for swinging by. :)

  3. Dave Hampton says:

    I always liked the statue of the girl in Valkenburg; there are some others of children playing games scattered around Maastricht that make me smile when I see them as well. I’m a big fan o the art that they drop into the center of Roundabouts and along the roadsides of the motorways at junctions: I’ve bene taking pictures of Random Road Art for a few years, and need to get the collection organized and posted when there is time.

  4. locusta says:

    I don’t remember what the site is, but someone has an “ugly roundabout art” site which is pretty amusing. Not on a roundabout, but around the corner from the Natural History Museum there is a cast iron donkey just on the sidewalk for no apparent reason. Maybe a book of public art is in order. :)