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Pecha Kucha 5: Twitter Style

I’ve written about Pecha Kucha before but the most recent event had some great speakers and interesting subjects. Here are my thoughts on each presentation in 140-characters each (not including speaker’s name & presentation name).

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  • Susan Schaefer- The Poetry of Change: Blending original and classic poetry together, Susan created a spiritual call to bring about altruistic self-change.
  • Christianne Rousseau- Bedroom Batteries: Christianne wants bedrooms to be rich, private, & public. In my little apartment my bedroom only doubles as storage space.
  • Catalina Goanta- Why Scholarships Help: Two inspiring stories about students who attending Maastricht University against serious odds. Scholarships=good. Obviously.
  • Mark Post- Meat Out of Stem Cells: Creating meat out of muscle stem cells for land use efficiency. Gut reaction = Ew. Can science save the planet? Do we trust our leaders?
  • Nelleke Barning- Web 2.0 = Personal: We’re all minstrels now. Bloggers & twits already know that, but it was a good talk.
  • Lemke Kraan- DJ Anti-Panda: Pandas are an evolutionary dead end? Interesting perspective, but unfair to declare evil even if they would have died out without our help.
  • Fons de Jong- Stones and Water in 2018: Bring fountains & Mediterranean feeling to Maastricht. I don’t think I understood this one. Mtricht is too cold for the Mediterranean.
  • Adina Raducanu- Legal Anthropology: Disappointing. I hoped she’d discuss modern architecture and if it still is culturally ‘legal’ feeling. Got a lame movie comparison.
  • Mirek Hazer- Cyber Warfare: Stop using the Internet! Its dangerous and you don’t get it anyway!
  • J-M Crapanzano- Art Exhibitionist: I like interactive art exhibitions too. Inspired me to revisit an old college art project.
  • Danielle Bakkes- Canals in Maastricht: Plan to add canals to accommodate increase in water due to Climate Change. Huge 40 year project, but interesting and valuable.
  • Eric Joris- Shared Bodies: Performance VR puts the audience (performers?) literally in each others heads with 360-mirrors, cameras, and sensory deprivation. Bizarre.

All performances are in English. If you are an expat in Mtricht, why weren’t you there.

See you at Pecha Kucha 6 in May!

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One Response to “Pecha Kucha 5: Twitter Style”

  1. melwillems says:

    I’ve been reading all about Pecha Kucha and can’t wait to experience in person.