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Monday: Calm with a Side of Drum Band

Monday we woke up late and opted to stay home for the most part since the only event happening was a children’s parade and I had no idea what time it was. The decision was a good one as I learned later that it started very late and it was quite cold.
Sleeping Mandy
Of course with our proximity to the Prince of Carnival’s home meant that we didn’t have an entirely quiet day. Several times throughout the day we popped open the windows to listen to the bands moving in and out of the cafes across the street.
Pre-Carnival Band
On a bit of an aside, my cats have both been really interested in Carnival as well. They each jump up and stare out the windows every time a band strikes up. Einstein has insisted on sitting on my desk to have a better view of the pubs.

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This is the third article in my Alaaf! Carnival 2010 Recap Series.

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