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Does this Theme Make my Sidebar Look Fat?

One month shy of Maastricht Minutiae’s anniversary, I’m proud to announce a significant upgrade to the website. After ages of work and flip-flopping between themes, I’ve moved us over to our very own hosting, which allows me a lot more flexibility. Check out a few of the new features:

Fresh Design

You have the brilliant designer at Elegant Themes to thank for this attractive and functional WordPress site design. I just added the Maastricht shield to the corner. This site should make featured articles and categories more accessible to you. If you’re looking for a place to eat, all you have to do is open the “Places Around Maastricht” category and click “Restaurants”. Want to search? The box is right there front and center for you.

And don’t forget to click the numbers on the big featured box to see what articles are being featured this week.

Fresh Content

After about a year of stumbling through living in Maastricht, its time to look back and write some serious series about expat red tape and resources. We’re still stumbling through, but with a bit more knowledge than we had before. Watch for new series about Knowledge Workers, Language Classes, Transportation, and More.

Subscribe by Email or RSS

I’ve had an RSS feed for a while, but now you can also subscribe via Email. This subscription will drop new posts in your email as soon as they publish. Just fill your email account into the form on the right hand side of the site. You cancel any time. While you’re looking, feel free to hunt me up in a few of the other places I hang my digital hat.

Reorganized Resources Page

I’ve completely reorganized my resources page and made it browsable by heading. Better yet, if you want to be included in this directory you can add your information for free. I’ll review each submission and add those that I consider relevant and valuable.

Random Expat Blog

Read all you can here? Click on the Random Expat Blog in the sidebar to see other perspectives (and some wiser heads). Or catch them all on the Resources Page. If you are an individual with an expat blog in the Netherlands, I’d like to add you. Please submit your website on the Resources page.

Missing Something? Tell me what you’d like to see at Maastricht Minutiae. Post below or drop me a note using the new contact page

Happy (almost) Anniversary!

3 Responses to “Does this Theme Make my Sidebar Look Fat?”

  1. Alison says:

    Looks great! Sleek, sexy and useful!

  2. Dave Hampton says:

    I like it a lot Amanda. It’s got balance and is easy to navigate, the links all work, and it’s well organized. I’ve forgotten the old format already — good work (better than any Facebook or LinkedIn redesign, which always drive me crazy relearning where everything is) !

  3. Amanda says:

    Thank you both for your positive comments. :) I agree Dave; Facebook drives me nuts with its frequent changes.