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Getting Thirsty for ‘De Dorst van Maastricht’

Last Tuesday I visited the Centre Ceramique to view and review the ‘De Dorst van Maastricht’ (Thirst of Maastricht) exhibition currently available for your viewing pleasure. You can read my review at Maastricht Region, but the short answer is if you’re in Maastricht swing on by. Its free and you’ll probably learn something. I was pretty impressed by the detail that the exhibit went into and the sheer number of breweries and distilleries that once make Maastricht their home is amazing.

Since i always take more photos than I use for this sort of thing, here are a few more choice bits from the exhibit.

I blame archaeology, but I couldn't resist a photo of this variety of wine and beer containers. Its very interesting that Maastricht use to be known exclusively for wine until the Small Ice Age of the 16th century changed the climate and made growing grapes impossible for a while. Today there are many local Limburgish wines, but I most people think of beer (or maybe jenever) first.

A selection of beer coasters for breweries long since closed. Maastricht once had a large number that made everything from beer to lemonade. The coasters were printed as a form of local advertising and to oppose teatolling groups.

This mock cafe bar looks a lot like most of the cafes I've been in, which is I suppose the point. I was please to be able to read and understand a little of the oral history stories being told on the TV behind the counter.

The mock-cafe featured photos of some of the 'famous' alcoholics in Maastricht's recent history. It was an interesting angle that you don't see addressed very often by museum exhibitions. The opposite wall had images of people enjoying their drink in a more positive fashion.

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