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Nose to the Grindstone & TEFAF Alternatives

sleeping mandy
It has been another nose to the grindstone week and weekend for Dan & I. Between business administration set-up, website building (mine unfortunately), and preparing for our trip to London at the end of the month to attend the UK Web Comix Thing, things have been tight. I have mostly been staying in and working; which since the weather hasn’t quite warmed up enough is more or less Ok with me.

Our short break from Dutch class is over and we return to the classroom on Wednesday. As always I’m quite nervous.

We did take a little time on Saturday to meet up with Dave Hampton, a fellow expat blogger living in Maastricht. We had a great time chatting about Maastricht, business, and the biological sciences (ok, so Dan & Dave talked about that) over drinks at John Mullins.


Of course this week TEFAF is happening and I’m a little disappointed that we couldn’t swing the cost to attend this year (55 euros or 90 for a couple). TEFAF is one of Europe’s largest fine art shows with exacting standards and exclusive collection and dealers. Many of the items on view are kept in private collection so this is one of the few chances to see them. If you do have a ticket, dealers are giving two hour tours at the end of each day of the show talking about their experience as art dealers and showing pieces from their collections. That sounds like fun.

If you, like me, are not attending TEFAF this year, consider one of these alternative to get into that artistic mood.

  • Look at the “Virtual Tour” on TEFAF’s website.
  • Visit the Bonnefanten Museum.
  • Prowl Maastricht for smaller art galleries which are sure to be open in hopes of attracting attention.

2 Responses to “Nose to the Grindstone & TEFAF Alternatives”

  1. Dave Hampton says:

    I really enjoyed meeting you both and sharing stories about writing, medicine, Maastricht life and European travel. Your enthusiasm for the graphic work you’re both creating is fun to see, can you send me the link so that I can catch up? I’ve sent an email with the links and contact information that you needed; I’ve found a promising lead on a cottage near my work in England and will let you know when I have to make a trip to sign papers in case you need a lift. Best wishes, and keep writing, Dave

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi there. I’ll send a separate email too, but you can see the comic at Thank you for the links & contact info. Good luck with the cottage. :)