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UK Comix Thing & Fallen Kitten Services

If you’ll be in London this Saturday you’ll have the chance to catch Dan & I working one third of the new business, the Fallen Kitten Productions side, at the UK Mini & Web Comix Thing. We first launched Walking the Lethe in January and have spent the last couple of weeks preparing for our first convention. We’ve got a table, comic books, awesome posters and a giant origami butterfly to attract the attention of convention goers. We’re pretty excited, although I’m already exhausted just from the prep, and everyone we’ve shown the comic book too thinks it looks great. I hope lots of people agree.

A test table set-up in our living room.

If you make it to the convention, we’ll be at table 53. If you don’t, the book and maybe the posters will be available for purchase online soon. And you can always go read the comic online.

Site Launch

In addition to attending the comic convention, I am officially launching a new blog to support the Fallen Kitten Productions Services business. The blog is all about web design and tools to help comickers create the best platform for their craft on the web. I’ll be writing about resources that are out there, my thoughts and reviews on web software, tips about site organization and more with a webcomics (and other web artists) audience in mind. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time, so I’m happy that I’ve finally putting myself out there.

Convention Swag. The pamphlet to the left is for my services.

For those who are DIYers like me, the blog is intended to bring together helpful resources. For those comickers who don’t want to fight with their websites, that’s where the Fallen Kitten Services come in. I will be designing websites, offering a backend coding service, and even editing and transcribing pages because, frankly, I like to do it and I know that some people are there don’t.

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  1. Mom says:

    Good Luck this weekend! Hope all goes well