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Museum Weekend is Coming

We missed out on Museum Weekend last year, but it is upon us again and if you’ve never taken advantage of the Dutch Museum Card, then this is your chance to visit some museums for free on April 10 & 11. A couple of hundred museums, all public ones, participate in the program, although most of them are in the Northern parts of the Netherlands.  If you want to maximize your museum access, plan a weekend in Amsterdam where there are loads of participating institutions.

If you are in the Maastricht area, you’ll have to do more traveling between museums but you can probably catch a handful of museums depending on where you go. Swing by my article on Maastricht Region to see what museums in Limburg are participating.

A Few Participating Favorites

Amsterdam Historical Museum's deceptive entrance.

Bonnefanten Museum
: An excellent art museum in Maastricht with a real mix of art including some great modern works. Museum Weekend will save you the € 8,00 adult entry fee.

Amsterdam Historical Museum: Deceptively small from outside, the historical museum has a huge collection well worth a few hours of exploration. Well organized and covers a lot of ground. Entry is typically €10,00 for adults.

Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam: The Resistance Museum of Amsterdam is one of my absolute favorites in Amsterdam. It is a multimedia exploration of how the Dutch people responded to the Germany invasion and occupation during World War II. Entry is €7,50, but you can get in for free during Museum Weekend.

Do you have a favorite museum you think people should visit? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Happy Exploring!

4 Responses to “Museum Weekend is Coming”

  1. Aledys Ver says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about Museum weekend! I haven’t been to any of the museums you’re suggesting and they all sound quite interesting. I think I’d like to visit the Verzetsmuseum.
    The only down side of Museum Weekend, I think, is that they’ll be pretty crowded! :o)

  2. Amanda says:

    The museums being crowded wouldn’t surprise me. I loved the Verzetsmuseum and it is a bit out of the way (near Artis Zoo) so bet it’ll have less foot traffic than others.

  3. Dave Hampton says:

    Thanks for the head’s up on this: I did the Amsterdam one a couple of years ago and it was wonderful. It’s amazing how manyy people stay up until 2 am to do it all; parties start after that and it’s best to plan for the whole night wandering the streets with a map and flashlight. The ‘night tour’ of the zoo is particulary good, although I feel bad for all of the confused animals being woken by people tramping by their areas.

  4. Amanda says:

    Actually I didn’t realize it ran so late into the evening. A ‘night tour’ of the zoo might just be too good to pass up. Hmm…