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Extended Stay: Renewing my Spouse Residency Permit

Last year when we applied for residency permits, Dan was issued a 3 year stay. I only received 1 year. Such is the challenge of the accompanying spouse. I suppose the government assumes anything could happen in that year which might result in me leaving alone, but fortunately none of those things have come to pass and so I’ve embarked upon the process of renewing my residency permit.

Actually no one stands in lines. You always take a number. (Poorly drawn by me.)

According to the documentation I received from the IND, I am obliged to extend my residency before the current time runs out. To do this they recommend a three month lead time. I’ve already mussed that one up, but fortunately the University’s HR department is helping us through the process so that should speed things up. At least I’m not trying to do this in August. That would be awful.

If you can lean on the HR department of your spouse’s employer, than here are the things I’m told you need to provide:

  • Original GBA registration not older than 6 months. (Mine cost 11,10 euros at the Gemeente.)
  • A copy of your health insurance
  • A copy of your passport (I still have one from last year so we’re using it again.)
  • A copy of your permit (both sides)
  • A copy of your spouse’s work contract
  • A copy of your spouse’s salary slips. We were asked for the previous 3 months.
  • A Dutch passport photo. (I had leftovers from the driver’s license process that I never finished.)

The HR department at the University has asked my husband to bring all this in for a meeting and they will process the paperwork. I presume I will then need to make one or two trips up to the IND office in Eindhoven just as I did to get the original card.

If you can’t lean on your spouse’s employer for assistance (and if you can’t, they must be jerks), the IND provides the form you must complete on their website. If your Dutch is rough, you’ll want to get help because the form is 28 pages long and all in Dutch! Also the cost of extension is quite high, 288 euros. I’m expecting my husband’s employer to cover this expense for us.

I’ll keep you all posted on what happens next.

Luckily the cat’s don’t need a permit, although I suppose they also don’t get to vote. Trade offs.

2 Responses to “Extended Stay: Renewing my Spouse Residency Permit”

  1. Alison says:

    Ugh. I’m constantly grateful that my residency stuff has been relatively painless so far. I have to renew in three years, but supposedly, it won’t be any more difficult than it was the first time around. Supposedly. I’m glad your husband’s employer is taking care of so much of it for you.

  2. Amanda says:

    I glad they are helping too. I was shocked when I saw how long the form is to do it yourself. I hope the IND grant me a longer one this time.