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Train Travel by Twos

The return of Spring to the Netherlands also means the return of train ticket deals for those who know what to look for. The best train deals often seem to be available for people traveling in twos, so bring a friend or your partner on your weekend adventures.


After missing our first train to Leiden Centraal last Saturday, I took a closer look at the ticket terminals and realized that the excellent deal tickets were back. The Lentetoer (Spring ticket) is a day-pass good for 2 people to ride in 1st class anywhere in the Netherlands for just 45 Euros (off-peak of course). When you consider a trip to Eindhoven typically costs 27,20 euros for one person in second class, this starts looking like a great deal. You can buy the pass just like any other ticket at the ticket terminals or the service desk (if you want to pay a service fee). They are available until June 13th.

Sometimes I feel like Dutch trains are really meant for two people to travel together. The seats are typically 2 across. They’re cozy. Special ticket deals often are good for a pair. Very romantic. The train runs these deals in the summer and fall as well; although sadly not in the winter (at least I didn’t figure out which ticket to get). Maybe winter isn’t a romantic season in the Netherlands; sorry Valentines day.

Of course the romance isn’t so good for short trips or International ones. Within Limburg the cost savings drops in a big hurry, so I like to check the regular price (or in my case the Voordeelurenabonnement price) against the Lente Pass. I don’t mind traveling 2nd class, so 1st class access is just icing on the cake.


Dave at Random Walks in the Low Country beat me too the punch on this one (although I did mention in on Maastricht Region a couple of weeks ago), but the Voordeelurenabonnement is a great deal for traveling either alone or in a group of up to 4 people. This yearly card offers a 40% discount during “off-peak hours” and is available for 55 Euros a year.

Dan and I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and used it on our way up to the Keukenhof; me the bonehead didn’t take the time to check which ticket was the better deal. But just knowing that a 40% discount is available for the both of us will make traveling by train more of a no-brainer this spring and summer. Plus, unlike the Lentetoer (or its Summer and Fall cousins), the Voordeelurenabonnement discount is good even on short hops. We were advised against buying the International extension though; if you book in advance you can get the 20% or so discount it offers on International travel.

2 Responses to “Train Travel by Twos”

  1. Dave Hampton says:

    Good guidance, thanks! I was wondering about the Lentetoer promotion; I might have to give it a try.

    The other thing to watch for are the sales through Kruidvat: periodically, they sell day passes for unlimited travel around the Netherlands for about 12 euros each. They sell out fast, but can be used any day within the next month or so. I buy two and wait for a nice day (Thanks to Touch of Dutch who pointed me to this deal a couple of years ago!)

  2. Amanda says:

    Ooo. Another great one. Thank you. :)