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PinkPop 2010: Wanna Join Us?

We purchased our weekend passes, so I can safely talk about this without you all snapping up my spot. PinkPop, one of the largest rock/alternative concerts in the Netherlands takes place practically on my doorstep; and we’re attending again this year!

About PinkPop

This year PinkPop celebrates its 41st year as the largest and longest running open-air pop music concert in the Netherlands. Started in 1970 (by the same gentleman who runs it today I might add), PinkPop quickly grew from a one day concert to a three-day musical extravaganza. The concerts take place in Landgraaf and feature 3 stages of music starting around 12 or 1 pm and running until 11 pm at night each night. Both international and national musicians are solicited to play, resulting in an impressive collection of musicians every year.  The concert is sponsored by a large number of big name corporations and charities. Most prominent are Amnesty International and Oxfam, who sell merch at the show to raise money for their respective programs. Watch for the pink hats!

Wild Times in 2009

PinkPop was my first music festival last year and I absolutely loved it. The large space in Landgraaf was set up with three separate stages fall enough apart not to interfere with each other, but still highly accessible. Several water (and beer & food stations) were available to keep people full and hydrated, and people were just chilling out everyone enjoying the music. The space directly in front of the stage might look like a mosh-pit, but as you moved back the crowds thinned and the experience became much more casual.  Lots of different fashions were on display, but there was no pressure to have dressed one way or another like a more focused concert might.

Last year has beautiful weather as well (I got a nasty sunburn). This was apparently a huge abnormality, so I’ll be bringing my raincoat again this year just in case. And probably something to sit on as well.

Who’s Playing?

I’m a little more in touch with music this year, so I actually recognize several of the artists performing at PinkPop this year. We’re extremely excited about Green Day playing, but I’m also looking forward to seeing Mika, Rammstein, and Pink along with lots of other bands I probably just know by their music. Fans of the classic superstars will be interested to hear that Slash of Guns-n-Roses fame will also be playing (Sunday). Get the full list on their program page.

Pinkpop is very accessible for expats, music is universal and most of the musicians typically sing in English, but I think anyone who is into this sort of music would find it a great deal.  A full 3-day weekend pass is available for only 140 EUR per person (and includes camping space, although we live close enough not to need it) and if you only want to attend for one day the tickets are 75 EUR. Considering the cost of seeing one person in concert these days; that’s not too shabby.

I would love to meet up with some folks on one or all three of the days; or even just for drinks at some point. Please drop me a line through the contact form if you’re interested.

2 Responses to “PinkPop 2010: Wanna Join Us?”

  1. Star says:

    Oh, I would love this. I’ve seen Green Day live so many times that I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. Sounds like it’ll be an amazing time…how perfect that you live so close to where it’s happening!! Can’t wait to read about it!

  2. melissa says:

    Fun times..I’ve heard about this for years!…love Paolo Nutini and Florence + The Machine :-)