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NaBloPoMo May

I’ve been rather lacks in my blogging activities as of late, so I’m trying to put a fire under my butt this month with a good old fashion NaNoWriMo-inspired event. NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. The object of the event is to post on your blog every day for a month. Personally, I will be splitting my posting between Maastricht Minutiae & my new webcomic site design blog over at Fallen Kitten Productions (home to our webcomic and my web services biz). If you’d like to follow all my posting this month, please sign up for both RSS feeds: Maastricht Minutiae RSS & Fallen Kitten RSS. Maybe this will be the start of a more active blogging trend in the future.

So I hope you enjoy it and if you see me missing an update, feel free to give me a swift kick in the pants. Or whatever metaphor is appropriate here in the Netherlands.

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