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Dutch BBQ Win & Fail

Yesterday Dan & I invited a couple of friends over for dinner; sort of for Liberation Day, but mostly for the chance to hang out. And get our hands on a propane tank for the grill we bought last year. So we planned a barbecue. Unfortunately, a comedy of errors left us still cooking on the stove.

Two nights ago, I put together the grill we’ve been sitting on for a year. We couldn’t for the life of us find a place accessible by bike or bus to purchase a propane tank. Fortunately the grill went together easily. Win!

Our friend promises to pick up a tank for us since he has a car. Double Win!

I get a call asking me what size tank we need. The grill has no information about it so we just guess. Fail!

Oops, I need a regulator for the tank. I have to Google it to realize that the spout & hose on top of a propane tank isn’t included with the tank. Fail!

Luckily Praxis had one. Win!

Our friends arrive with beer, dessert, and most importantly a robin egg blue tank. the beer is excellent, but the tank and the regulator I purchased couldn’t connect. It’s now too late to go find a connector. Fail!

We cooked the (so-called) BBQ speklap, chicken kabobs, and worsts on the stove instead. The apartment does not burn down. Win! (Expect for the lack of real BBQ sauce. The lack of good barbecue sauce & maple syrup in this country makes me sad.)

Dinner and the company are great and I get the excuse to geek out about web design. Plus pie for dessert, French wine, and bonding over cats. Triple Win!

Hmmm…We seem to have come out ahead. We also learned that there is a camping store in Maastricht that carries the propane tanks. Once I get the address I’ll be paying them a visit to pick up a connector for the tank & regulator.  Hopefully we’ll be burning food on our porch in no time.

2 Responses to “Dutch BBQ Win & Fail”

  1. Alison says:

    Glad to see the wins won! We bought a charcoal grill last year, but haven't gotten around to using it yet. When we start to think about it, inevitably it starts raining. I hope you get to use your grill soon and enjoy it immensely! Nothing beats grilled!

  2. locusta says:

    Hehe. I'm afraid to use a charcoal grill. I've never had one and, on the whole, people shouldn't let me get too close to fire. ;)

    On the other hand it would be easier to get my hands on around here.