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A Sunday Stroll

Last Sunday I decided that I really needed some new photos of the Stadspark here in Maastricht, so I used the excuse of nice weather and a walk to take Dan and my camera out for a stroll.  It seems like the crazy rain/sun/hail we were having early in the year is over (thank goodness); and we’ve been enjoying some really beautiful days. A little cool still. I’m beginning to think this is my favorite time of year. The weather is getting good, the sun is still up a 9 pm, and it all just makes you want to sip coffee in a cafe or wander one of the various parks in the area.

But back to my Sunday stroll in photos….

A very sad monkey statue...

Coming down from our apartment, the first feature of the Stadspark we run into is a memorial to abused zoo animals, which features an old-style cage containing sad looking animals including a giraffe.

The Sad Bear, one of my favorite statues in Maastricht (so far), is also near by and whenever I walk through that area I always stop by.

Beware jogging people.

We wandered on down the path and discovered that we’d stumbled into a foot race. The Provience de Leige racers nearly ran me down as we neared the Dierenpark. I can only assume that they were tried and not really watching where they were going. It seemed like a rather casual event with runners and leisure walkers like us out on the same paths and only a few workers and intersections to direct traffic.

Instead of swinging low around the water, we went up high along the old city wall. The view is very nice there. And there are still mock cannons in strategic locations along the wall.

Unfortunately, some people feel the need to deface them. I’m a big fan of urban art, but not this sort of thing.

I think the man with the hat really sells this photo.

On our way home we walked through town and up past the Vrijthof. I think Dan was hoping to get a waffle, but alas, Pinky’s is closed on Sundays.  On the other hand a fair was just getting set up on the Vrijthof proper and while we didn’t wait around for the rides to get moving, it looked like it could be a lot of fun.  I’m always impressed at just how late in the day things like these fairs get going around here. The ride and shop keepers were just getting open around noon; while country fairs I’ve attended in the U.S. generally start at 10 am.

And then back home, a call to my mother for Mother’s Day, and then back to work, work, work.  How did you spend your Sunday?

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