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Pecha Kucha, May 20th: Are You Going?

It’s that time again for another Pecha Kucha event here in the Limburg area, but instead of being held in Maastricht this month, the event is heading across the border to Hasselt in Belgium. It starts at 6 pm on May 20th.

Pecha What?

I’ve written a lot about Pecha Kucha (here and at Maastricht Region) because I love this event, but for those of you who don’t want to go read my other articles here’s the skinny. Pecha Kucha is a presentation event that allows several presenters to make their point in 20 slide, 20 seconds per slide. The topics can be outrageous or mundane, liberal or conservative, important or trivial. But each speaker is sincerely believes in their subject and that passion means there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Jan Keymis – No where to go but down
Joke Quintens – Colour in the city
Nick Baerten – Pantopicon
Dirk Milbou – 10 tips for football parents
Astrid Vyt – The revival of an experience
Roland Javornik – For this is my blood
Evert-Jan De Kort – A passionate story of a chocolate sommelier
Nick De Mey – The evolution towards intention based services
Rob Van Acker – How to prepare for unplanned events
Andrea Wilkinson – (Mystery talk)
Simona Sofronie – Urban Gaming
Jon Stam – Curiosity Cabinet

Getting to Hassalt

Since the event is in Hassalt this month instead of the ANASI Building here in Maastricht, the Pecha Kucha team is offering a special bus. Round-trip tickets (exclusive of Pecha Kucha entry fee) are 15 euros per person and the bus leaves from the Maastricht Central Station at 5 pm sharp and returns around midnight. Tickets must be reserved by May 18th, so email with your Name, number of tickets needed, and your cellphone number.

The event address is KAAI.16. Scheepvaartkaai 16a, 3500 HASSELT.

I hope to see you there!

Please note that I do not work for Pecha Kucha, so please don’t send reservations to me. I just really like the event and wanted to promote it.

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