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Photographic Minutiae: Nieuwenhofpportje Hunting Plaque

Walking along the base of the city wall in Maastricht near the Dierenpark (Animal Park) until you read a narrow wooden bridge over the stream will take you to this little photographic minutiae in Maastricht.

Across the bridge is a small doorway through the wall. Above the wall you will find this plaque of six wild boars being hunted down in view of the outer wall of the city. If you look closely you can see the church spires.

If I’ve translated it correctly, the plaque next to this stone insert indicates that this memorializes the success of hunters in 1947 who killed 6 wild boars that tried to enter the city. The creatures were killed on this spot. I honestly can’t really see why they have a plaque for this, but hey, maybe that was important in 1947.

If you have a better grasp on this translation, please share. :)

I might be doing a few more of these. Maastricht always impresses me with the variety of small, unexpected statuary and details.

One Response to “Photographic Minutiae: Nieuwenhofpportje Hunting Plaque”

  1. Judy says:

    Wild boar are known to be vicious if they want to be–if six of them tried to get into a city, I'd be worried, too!

    Karel's dad used to hunt them (I think he still does) in the Veluwe. It's really an art to master the kill shot, because unlike most wild animals, you don't get a second chance if you miss the first one!