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Review: Fat Tire “Third Reich” Tour

The Fat Tire company seems to pop up everywhere these days, but our trip to Berlin was the first time we ever tried them. The verdict? I’m sold. Although the quality of a tour probably varies greatly with the guide (and fellow tourists), the bikes are super comfortable to use and Berlin is an easy biking city.

Since we had already spent some time in Berlin, we opted to take the Third Reich tour, which focuses on World War II and Nazi-related locations around the city. It overlaps with the more general tour offered, but if you’ve done a little site-seeing already, this tour will take you out of the way a bit more. I includes several memorials, monuments, and even the location of Hitler’s bunker in which he committed suicide. Since each stop is spread out, the entire tour takes about 5 hours and includes a stop for lunch (at extra cost). The leisurely pace was comfortable and gave us all tiem to meet the other bikers and chat.

Our Guide: Nicholas

As you might imagine, any tour about the Third Reich is very serious and heavy.  Nicholas, our guide, dealt with this with a dark humor and appropriately timed seriousness, as well as an impressive knowledge of the time period. While you don’t ever really want to “get in the head” of a Nazi, he was able to teach us about the warped thought process of the Nazis and how they misappropriated German culture and prejudices to push their own agenda.

For 20 euros (less with the Berlin Welcome Card), the Fat Tire Third Reich tour is a rich experience and good value for your money. I will be seeking this tour company out in the future when we consider bike tours in other cities.

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