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Join Me at Social Media Day 2010

Next Wednesday, June 30th is Social Media Day and Jules & You is sponsoring a meetup in Maastricht to “celebrate the revolution of media becoming a social dialogue”. The event will be held at the Jules & You office and will include a short presentation, 4 mini workshops, and information discussions about social media. There will also be a video interview of thoughts on how social media can help Maastricht’s 2018 City of Culture bid.

Given that Jules & You is a student support organization, I expect the attendees to mostly be younger than me, but the subject matter is interesting enough that I think anyone who enjoying blogging or other social networks will find something valuable. Dan & I are planning to attend and if Social Media Day sounds like fun, we’d like to meet up with you too. Just comment below or send me an email. There is also a Facebook page with some more information and a place to RSVP your attendance.

We hope to see you there!

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