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Netherlands vs. Spain in the World Cup Finals!

For the first time since 1978, the Oranje team has made it to the final match of the World Cup with zero loses and ties in the WC matches leading up to this point. Paired off against Spain, who has fielded a powerful team this year, the Netherlands has the chance once again to finally get their first World Cup victory.

Being a Red Sox fan, I’m pretty use to this underdog sense of anticipation as our team makes the push into new territory. It’s been fun to watch the team press through each level of the World Cup, including the (in my opinion) exciting semifinal game against Uruguay. I’ll be decked out in orange for the final match this Sunday and have my fingers crossed, even if the general sentiment is against a Dutch win.

What are your plans for the World Cup game on Sunday? Share them in the comments.

Image is (CC) StewieD via Flickr. CC-Attribution License.

8 Responses to “Netherlands vs. Spain in the World Cup Finals!”

  1. Invader_Stu says:

    I’ll be watching the game with friends and family. It’s been exciting so far. I’m glad the Netherlands gave me a team to cheer for after mine didn’t do to well.

  2. Amanda says:

    I feel the same way; not that I felt the US was actually going to go anywhere. :P

  3. Daniduc says:

    Well, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Brazil there is a general pro- Netherlands sentiment in this finals. The Oranke shirt is second only to Brazil’s Canarinho in sells. Yeah, even tho they knocked us out of the Cup.

    I see the Netherlands as a vastly superior team to Spain, but, in football this doesn’t mean much (have you ever heard about the 1950′s cup in Brazil? Hint: we didn’t win). But, if Sneijder et al stay calm and just play the ball they know, they have everything to enter the elite club of World Champions.

    I’ll be supporting the Netherlands, of course.

  4. Daniduc says:

    (About the 1950: I didn’t mean that Brazil has always the best team: that’s non-sense. What I meant is… well, I’ll tell the story:

    Im 1950 Brazil organized the 1st WC after WWII. The format of the WC was different then. Instead of a knock-out phase, they had a final group of 4 teams, which would play agains each other. The one with most points would be World Champion. They were: Brazil, Uruguay, Sweden and Spain.

    Now, Brazil won 6-1 against Spain and 7 – 1 against Sweden. Uruguay, on the other hand had a draw 2 – 2 against Spain and won 3-2 against Sweden.

    So, the last game was Brazil and Uruguay. Brazil was playing at home, in a completely and utterly crowded MaracanĂ£, coming from 2 overwhelming wins and needing only a draw against a team that had managed only a draw and a 1 goal difference win so far.

    Now, you’d expect Brazil to win this one, wouldn’t you?

    Specially because Brazil opened the score with a 47 minute goal.

    Uruguay. Did. Come. Back. 2 x 1.

    And won the World Cup against incredible odds.

    Now, how’s that for a underdog win? :)


  5. Amanda says:

    Except when it’s my team that is being “come back” against, I love those sorts of games. ;)

  6. Amanda says:

    Since I can’t understand the pundits on my television, I don’t have a good sense of what’s being said about the odds, but the handful of English articles doesn’t sound good for the Netherlands. It ought to be an exciting match. :D

  7. Jules says:

    This article explains the whole “Why Holland should lose” sentiment much better than I can. As usual, it boils down to the 1978 World Cup and a bunch of talk about soccer being the “beautiful game”. From what Mark (sports geek who shares my office) tells me, the Dutch did not play very well at all on Tuesday. I don’t know if that means that they didn’t play beautifully, or if it was just a shitty, shitty game on their part. But apparently soccer opinion around the world is united in their opinion that Brazil should have won and that it is a disgrace to the game that Holland gets go up against Spain.

  8. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the article, it does explain some things, although I still say if you’re winning, then you must be doing it right. The article made it sound like “total football” was practically designed around a single player. Since he’s not playing anymore, it seems stupid to stick with it.

    To be fair though, I don’t have much experience to draw on when it comes to deciding if a game was “good” or not.