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Going Orange Extended: The World Cup Finals

Well we all know by now that Spain took the World Cup in overtime during yesterdays exciting finals game, so I won’t dwell too much. Both teams played well and the game was both intense and really violent. The World Cup has convinced me that (real) football is probably more dangerous than American football. In the end though, Spain really controlled the ball more than the Netherlands and managed to squeak their one goal in right at the end. I’m still disappointed, but I’m glad my adopted team made it to the finals.

And we had a lot of fun watching.

With the Andre Rieu concert on, we weren’t sure if the big stage on the Vrijthof would be turned over to the game at 8:30 pm and with the intense heat, we opted instead to go watch the game at John Mullins Irish Pub. They have good food and beer and while they aren’t off the beaten path, they are just far enough away to avoid the real crushing crowds. We biked down to the river early and walked across the bridge against the other foot traffic that was already filling the streets at 6 pm.

Inside John Mullins there were still plenty of tables and blessed air conditioning, which made finding an out of the way game location worth it. Dinner was tasty too and we ate and watched other people come in the pub in their orange gear. We’d wore our orange shirts, but I can’t imagine wearing the fuzzy “lion” hats that some people had in this heat.

With the extra TVs set up, watching the game was easy, although I ended up standing on my bar stool to see over the tall Dutch men. It was thrilling to be surrounded by people really into what was happening on the field. Even Dan got into the action, and he’s been pretty bored with the entire football experience.

Several beers (a few bum calls from the ref and the ultimate goal from the Spanish) later the game was over. The mood was a bit sober, but not heartbreaking. On our way home we could still hear people blowing horns and partying late. There’s always next time I guess. In the mean time, the cats get the beesies and I’ll get a little extra use out of my orange shirt this summer just for kicks.

2 Responses to “Going Orange Extended: The World Cup Finals”

  1. Dave Hampton says:

    We went over to the Vrijhthof (and posted a few pictures on Flickr): it was great: absolutely packed with orange people, big screens filling the Rieu stage-set. THe crowds along the river were good as well: nothing rowdy, but lots of hope and mild disappointment when we lost.
    ‘missed you at Quiz Night Tuesday: we got sixth!

  2. Amanda says:

    Good to hear the Vrijthof crowd was a good one too. We didn’t feel like standing during the game so didn’t check it out. :)