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What’s a Knooppunt?

What the heck is a knooppunt?

It’s a numbered node along the Dutch bike path network (although I suppose it could be any other sort of node). By following the numbered signs from node to node, you can explore many bike paths in the Netherlands without getting (too) lost.  We always bring a map along just in case.

Check out my most recent post over at Maastricht Region to learn a bit more about bike paths in Limburg.

5 Responses to “What’s a Knooppunt?”

  1. Aledys Ver says:

    Wonderful and informative! The landscape of Limburg is quite unique in the NL and I can imagine that biking around the area must be really nice, especially in the summer.
    “knooppunten” are used on motorways too, very useful when you want to know what exit you need to take with your car ;)
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Invader_Stu says:

    I never knew about knoopunten. Are they every where? I’ll have to look out for them now.

  3. Amanda says:

    Yep, I think they are everywhere. I should probably hunt up some pictures so people know what they look like too. :)

  4. Dave Hampton says:

    I translated it as ‘crossing-point’: on the highways, it tends to be an exit onto an intersection. I haven’t noted the bicycle route use.
    Aside, is there a place to get Bicycle Route maps (or to download them)? I suppose ANWB has the books, but I’m looking for something compact and free (or a book if it has good touring hints about sights along the way and good spots for a biertje).
    Off to file my visa renewal (not quite late, but getting close…)

  5. Amanda says:

    I think the ANWB has downloadable maps and I bought a bike map at the VVV.