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A Blogging Challenge Plea

As you know I’ve been working on the Problogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. Today’s challenge is a reader “Call to Action”, but Day 17′s challenge was to watch a first time user read my blog. Since I haven’t done Day 17 yet, I’m going to combine the two. This is a plea, to you good reader, to visit my other blog and give me some feedback.

Please visit Fallen Kitten and just surf around a bit, noting anything you like or don’t like, as well as anything you can’t find that you’d expect to find. Here are a few ideas of things to look at:

  • Content itself.
  • Do you find the categories helpful?
  • How easy it is to browse or search for a subject?
  • How do you like the design?
  • Etc.

Then send me an email with your comments. I will post a thank you post later with the names and urls of everyone who helped me out.

A bit about Fallen Kitten

Fallen Kitten Productions is the name we use for all our comics publishing activities, digital and print. In addition to the publishing our webcomic under the name, I also run Fallen Kitten Services, a web design and support business. The blog itself is focused on web design and website issues that concern webcomic creators.

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