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Peruvenmint 2010: A Taste

Today I biked past the workers taking down the Preuvenemint stands. The culinary events is officially over, but I’m sure it was a successful one despite the sometimes rainy weekend. Dan and I joined Judy, another local expat, on Thursday to nibble our way through the event. Unfortunately I forgot my camera that evening, so the photos you see below are actually from Saturday.

A more casual day was had on Saturday.

The impression I got this year is one bathed in wine. Maybe it was the international influence of this year’s theme, but every other stand seemed to be a wine bar with appropriately highly priced tapas or nibbles. I felt that finding cheap-ish eats was easier last year and I think the wine bars were to blame. The elegance factor seemed to be ramped up a notch as well, but perhaps that was due to attending on a Thursday when everyone was still dressed up from work.

The other impression I got this year is that it was too loud. The stage speakers were blasting and several of the booths had their own music cranked up to drown out the stage. My ears are easily overwhelmed by loud noise and I felt it was difficult to carry on a conversation even on the opposite site of the Vrijthof.

We ate at that long table.

The three of us ended up in a little wine bar set up by Sofa that was serving Turkish (I think) cuisine. They had a large wine selection of course, but I wanted to save some tickets for dessert, so we went with the least expensive option (2 tickets). My drink turned out to be a decent, slightly sweet white wine. Judy had a cute little mini-wrap, I ordered bread with a mix of tasty dips, and Dan ate a flat bread, cheese-less pizza. the best part was probably his sun-dried tomatoes which were just right.  We wrapped up at the Sofa with their cheese platter which included dates, figs, nuts, and three sorts of cheese.

I loved how they built their tent around the fountain.

Next we ate at a stand selling miniature foods including the smallest hamburger you’ve ever seen. Instead of burgers we shared a miniture set of five desserts. The chocolate cream cake and raspberry sorbet were my favorites. After dessert we ended our evening in the CoffeeLovers tent to avoid the rain. But the loud music soon drove us away and home.

Ultimately it was a fun evening, made better by the chance to share the event with another. Did you attend Preuvenemint this year? What did you think?

One Response to “Peruvenmint 2010: A Taste”

  1. Aledys Ver says:

    THis event sounds fabulous! Here in Zwolle there’s a similar gastronomic fair which normally takes place in October, when I am usually in Argentina. Maybe next year I can combine a visit to Maastricht (my favourite city in the NL) and Pruvenemint 2011! :D